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White Label Token

A White-Label Token means that a token is not branded or labeled. When a white-labeled token is purchased, a company is able to label and brand it as its own token. The KapitalBanc White-Labeled Token is an asset-backed token(s) meaning it is stabilized and has underlying value and linked to an equivalent amount of fiat currency. This makes the WLT-CB an attractive purchase for financial institutions, cryptocurrency companies, and cryptocurrency exchanges making their cryptocurrencies more attractive to consumers due to their less volatility. This means a cryptocurrency can offer its own ‘premium coin’ and attract a whole new wave of institutional investors.

The WLT-CB token value fluctuates only with the asset they represent. Due to this inherent stability, the WLT-CB is a substantially better currency for international investments and payments. The asset of the WLT-CB is mirrored with the value of the asset in the jurisdiction in which it lies.