Personal Foreign Exchange

For any foreign exchange requirement, a specialist fx broker can assist in helping you make the most of your money. Whether you are buying an overseas property, emigrating or paying bills you will get the best exchange rates with no fees and a fast, safe transfer of funds every single time to any chosen account.

  • Are you looking to Buying Property Abroad?
  • Require a large International Money Transfer?
  • Retired and moving your Pension Overseas?
  • Foreign Exchange Brokers beat the local banks

Business Foreign Exchange

With the difficulties of the current economic climate, business owners face the continual challenge of keeping costs low and making the most of their money. Currency strategists are on hand to provide you with options that may help to avoid currency fluctuations and help take the risk out of the volatile market during difficult times.

  • Save on transfers when Business Trading Abroad
  • Currency Hedging For Importing and your business
  • Does your business make International Payments?
  • Important factors for the Euro and your business

If you need to send money abroad, save up to 5% compared to a high street bank by using KAPITALBANC  foreign exchange. Make the smart choice, and use us today.