Code Of Business Conduct of KapitalBanc

Business principles

We aim to be first class

We treat all stakeholders fairly

We always make diligent and precise  decisions

We act with prudence, diligence, and creativity is paramount in our daily operations

We thrive on creativity

Our conduct towards stakeholders  in society

We identify our role in being leaders in our field

We exert in being and respecting the ecological footprint

We are inflexible with our employees but inspire them to act as responsible individuals at all time

Our conduct towards clients and business partners

Our clients’ interests are preeminent

We guide our clients to  seek the best advice

We ensure strict confidentiality

We handle conflicts of interest in an arbitrary and professional manner

Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

We strictly comply with all laws and regulations

We fervent supporters in combating financial crimes

We never trade on inside information

Our conduct towards colleagues and employees

We emphasize co-operation in everything we do

We always focus on achieving the perfect outcome

Respectful interaction is our motor

Discrimination has no place in our firm

The Code of Business Conduct is binding

We strictly adhere to the code of business conduct and the ICC

We encourage to report  misconduct(s)

We reserve the right of disciplinary action(s)