Clients, We Serve

KapitalBanc currently has avast assets under administration, and although KapitalBanc does not have client net worth minimums or any minimum trust account size, KapitalBanc works with business & individual clients. Our clients have chosen KapitalBanc as a result of KapitalBanc’s exceptional service, flexibility, and experience, along with a global’s competitive and unique trust, asset protection, income tax, and private family trust company laws.

KapitalBanc specializes in trust administration of both trusts established pursuant to US & International laws and trusts of other states & countries moved to the District of Columbia or Delaware (i.e., change of trust situs by naming/appointing KapitalBanc as trustee).

KapitalBanc’s team has all together plus 500 years of banking, finance & trust experience, and our banking, finance & trust officers average more than twenty years of experience.  Moreover, Kapital Banc’s trust officers are highly credentialed bankers, attorneys, accountants, and trust professionals who are trained and experienced in the areas of global financial & trust administration. Each trust officer utilizes their extensive experience to supplement and facilitate communication with the client, the beneficiaries, and the client’s other investment, financial planning, legal, insurance, and tax advisors, acting as a relationship manager while customizing trust services individually for each client.

Additionally, KapitalBanc’s trust services are complemented with its trust accounting support via Infovisa Trust Accounting System. KapitaBanc can work with almost all custodians of the client’s choice and takes legal ownership of the custody accounts as the administrative trustee.

KapitalBanc serves international families worldwide with the following types of trusts:

  • Foreign Grantor or Non-Grantor Trusts
  • Non-Resident Alien (NRA) Dynasty Trust
  • Standby-Dynasty Trust
  • Pre-Immigration Planning
  • Foreign Law Trust – change of situs